The reality of thoughts and feelings

Apply The fifteen-minute rule whenever you feel you are dying, that everything is crashing around you and/or that the world is coming to an abrupt or foreseeable end.

If after fifteen minutes nothing life-changing has happened, the probability of it happening at this moment will exponentially decrease as time passes. You can now breathe a sigh of relief and reset your brain to identify a more positive, familiar and less threatening pattern in your daily interactions and activities.

Repeat The fifteen-minute rule successively as needed until you can convince your brain that feeling and feelings do not always correspond with or interpret reality objectively.

Manifestations and signs and symptoms of real illness and/or life-altering events do not subside or improve, generally, as time progresses. Consider this very simple observation when confronted with panicky or anxious feelings and racing, repetitive (obsessive) negative or catastrophic thoughts.