The concept of (L)attitudes came to us actually in a dream: you "(L)" are a rigidly seated person in a void, in a vacuum, in a restricted, stationary place that doesn't allow you to move, to wiggle, to stretch, to free yourself... To do that, you need the latitude, the expanse, the unbound open space to get moving, to test your level of emotional fitness; to progress, to flow, to gather momentum and soar into your ideal and best possible life!

reative by nature. A healer by intuition. I impel you to find your best possible potential and inspire you to aim even higher, into the orbit of your truest, most viable and fulfilling ideal self.

attitudes principles are straightforward and simple: we help you get out of those bubbles, those parentheses, those dead spaces where you feel stuck, trapped, stunted; outperformed by life.

"(L)" is most of us being driven mindlessly and aimlessly by our own misinterpreted and repressed feelings, our self deprecation and fear-based thoughts and actions. "(L)" (you) is exquisitely trapped in the parenthesis of its own everyday inertia, of its basic and not-so-basic fears and self-imposed phobias; fossilized in the ever hardening and more imprisoning mire of its ruthlessly automated behaviors; of its very own, self created phantoms and painful, limiting beliefs.

I can help you reach your true and full potential. I don't claim to have the secret or the power to change your life or to make you better. You need to do that yourself. I strive to coach you into achieving your optimal level of performance. I don't strive for perfection. I strive for excellence in my partnership with you while facilitating and helping you make possible the realization of your personal and professional goals from a place of total respect, confidentiality, openness, transparency, compassion, humor and authenticity. There's really no 'right' or 'wrong'. There's no judgement. atonement or punishment. There's no 'my way over yours' or 'do as I say or else!"...

(L)attitudes holds a safe space and an intention for you to feel and be comfortable, relaxed, understood and welcome. It's a partnership, a conversation, an exchange: a dialogue. Never a lecture. Never a litany. Never a monologue with you as the only audience.

Branch out and realize there's plenty of latitude to explore, to expand, to experience, to be inspired; to grow! Allow your Essential Self (the real you that you were meant to be all along!) climb out of its restrictive casing and take command of the pilot seat to lift off and propel you into the path of the most amazing and rewarding journey ever: the journey into the truth within yourself and how knowing this truth will set you in a direct course to find what Dr. Martha Beck (my Life Coaching teacher, blueprint and mentor) calls "your very own North Star". It takes just a little wiggle room (latitude), the right attitude and the right Personal Coach ('right' as in insightful, well-trained, sensitive, genuine, intuitive, healing and 'walking the walk' from an experiential, very personal standpoint).

Please feel free to browse and experience our site at your absolute leisure and know that under almost every listing and image, there is a link to somewhere useful, exciting, playful and wonderful, or a way to get directly in touch with (L)attitudes. Explore with confidence your entire latitude bringing as companion your best and most helpful attitude.

Give us a call (toll-free), using our confidential voicemail, if you think we can help you, or help a good friend or loved one become the person they were meant and want to be.The first initial introductory session is complimentary (free of charge), with no obligation of further contact or purchase of services, and will serve to determine whether we (you and I) are the right partners to embark on a journey of self-discovery and deep transformation:

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