This woman knows the future...

To Martha Beck: thank you for a most memorable class today.

To all my tribe's mates, for you are the magic.

We all sat enthralled
by the fire:
her voice carried rivers
and bird calls
and the whispers of winds
and the iridescent fluttering of dragonflies
and the distant voice of children
playing hide-and-seek
by the shoreline at sunset...

Her wisdom
had the ancient resonance
of all the truths resumed into one
preceding all gnosis
and all paths
walked since the dawning of feet,
doubt and the need to wonder
and then of climbing back
into the womb
by amniotic silence.....

as she shared with the tribe
the power of her transparent wizardry
from the primeval
preverbal still maiden Earth
— manifest in the rituals
of homage to he feeling body—
there were sparkles that rose
the endless magic.

© Pedro F. Báez, 2011

(Photo © Amy Steindler, 2011)