Thank you, Martha!


To Leslie: friend, inspiration and witness to the transformation

While talking with my friend and colleague Leslie Bixler about Martha Beck's last class with us as January 2011 Life Coach Cadets, and about all her great contributions to the group as mentor, teacher and even as spiritual Bene Gesserit of sorts, it occurred to me —and I told Leslie this— that Martha's most generous and precious gift to all of us is to have uncorked the genie of magic, potentiality, individuality and collectivity that laid dormant or lived incarcerated or languishing within ourselves...

And the marvel, the truly wondrous part of that gift is that none of our genies are going back into their bottles of origin. Ever!



Houkje said...

So true Pedro!
I was just telling a friend the other day that going through the Martha Beck training was like being an egg cracked open. Once you are open, there is no way to neatly get back into that egg shell.

Pedro said...

Houkje, thank you so much for your comment. It resonates with me and it's oh so true! I visited your website and found it to be magnificently simple, refreshingly creative and very appealing to my Essential Self. Congratulations on your Life Coach Certification¡ I can't wait until I get mine sometime after September.