Overreaction's ugly tag cloud

Overreacting to a circumstance, a person or an event is not only counterproductive and draining, but usually destructive, deeply rooted in feelings of inadequacy, and ineffective.

Overreacting is a manifestation of fear, insecurity and anger. It's an exaggerated and often unnecessary response to an unexpected, disadvantageous or preconceived outcome or perceived threat.

Overreactions often express themselves in the form of aggressiveness, extreme and oftentimes misguided use of available resources and an inordinate display of emotional, physical and intellectual energy.

Overreactions rarely reach their desired outcome of compensatory justice or restitution of losses, and become, therefore, morally and practically unsustainable over the long run.

Examples of this using a national superlative, are the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Much ado about nothing with the squandering and misuse of material and financial resources, loss of civilian and military lives and infrastructure, and the undermining of the United States' prestige in the international arena.

Nations, like people, overreact. The motivations and the results are surprisingly similar. The responses, disproportionate and costly. The lessons, still and sadly to be learned.