"Pedro has a way of bringing peace and calm into his coaching sessions, which helps align my intentions. Through him, I have felt a great healing and much reduction of pain. I highly recommend his services."

Heidi Nord, Educational Consultant, Dyslexia Expert and Life Coach
Napa, California

"Pedro is the real deal. He is immensely loving and can cut through the BS to to get you on the fast track to liberation, love and joy!!!"

Shannon Falkestein, Certified Executive, Career and Expat Coach
San Salvador, El Salvador

"Thank YOU, Pedro! I'm starting my day with you, everyday! xo Eileen"

Eileen Wesson, Actress, Writing and Editing Consultant and Life Coach
Los Angeles, California

"After many years believing that I had to restrict, bound and gag myself to avoid personal and professional conflict, Pedro showed me a way to set family, time and business boundaries that immediately proved to be very empowering and effective for me, as well as for those who could now function more independently and not have to wait on my decision-making abilities and physical presence to take action when needed. I believed that being a know-it-all, omnipresent control freak of a boss was the only way to run a business and produce income. Was I wrong! I have redistributed personnel and delegated responsibilities, and now I can finally enjoy a day at the beauty parlor while my two grown sons and the staff run the business."

Norma A. Casanova, Businesswoman, Corporate Organizational Developer
Miami Lakes, Florida

"I love your coaching!"

Elouise Flirth, International Program Consultant and Certified Life Coach
Italy-United  Kingdom

“Pedro has all the qualities that I find valuable in a life coach. With his intuitive leadership ability, he guides to personal insight and awareness and then gracefully allows for better feeling thoughts to develop. His sensitive guidance has allowed me to pursue more clarity,meaning and purpose in my life. I am truly grateful for what Pedro offers in his coaching ability.” 

Lissa Flanagan Markwardt, LBUSD Consultant, Certified Career and Life Coach
Huntington Beach, California

“Pedro is a hurricane of love, inspiration and clarity. He is deeply rooted in his purpose as a coach, and demonstrates that every day with the way he lifts up every person around him. Coaching with Pedro would be a gift, a treat and a way to make sure your life choices reflect the magnificent person you really are.” 

Pamela Slim, Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Certified Master Life Coach
Mesa, Arizona

“Working with Pedro is an absolute pleasure. His coaching skills helped me break through mind blocks and move forward to getting what I needed. His use of inquiry based questioning tools made me feel safe, heard, and nurtured. Hire Pedro to coach you. You won't be disappointed!” 

Kanesha Baynard, Speaker, Workshop Designer, Certified Career and Life Coach
Denver, Colorado

“Pedro is highly skilled in a wide variety of areas, his background in the medical profession gives him an extra advantage, but his gift as a coach stands on its own. He has a warm, expansive personality that helps create a safe and nurturing environment for the insightful help he can bring. I highly recommend him as a life coach in any capacity!”

Leslie Letven Bixler, Singer, Songwriter, Voice Expert, Certified Life and Conflict Resolution Coach
Malibu, California
“Pedro is one of the warmest and most generous souls I know. He's a great listener and very intuitive - exactly what one would hope for in a coach. Working with Pedro will be one of the best choices you make.” 

 Maryna Smuts, Certified Life Coach and Virtual Assistant
Phoenix, Arizona