I offer exceptionally effective life coaching sessions for:

- Cultural, personal and role identity issues
- Catalytic,catastrophic and/or transforming health and life events
- Healthcare career design and/or reinvigoration
- Creative genesis and artistic block release
- Personal/career performance improvement
- Relationship dynamics and shifting
- Men's, Women's, LGBT's issues


I coach culturally uprooted, alienated individuals transition into American mainstream culture without having to give up their cultural identities, familial traditions or primary languages. The objective is to assist individuals feeling this way benefit from the opportunities and respond to the challenges of American culture, while at the same time, enriching it with their own cultural contributions and life experiences.

I also coach culturally and ethnically assimilated individuals (born and/or raised int the U.S.A., or transplanted —voluntarily migrated or involuntarily brought here— and fully integrated into the fabric of the dominant, mainstream culture) who wish to recover their sense of heritage and cultural identity and long to reinsert themselves into the bountiful, nurturing milieu of the relegated and adulterated familial culture while bridging their newfound multicultural richness into a more integrally balanced, vibrant, functional and fulfilling personal identity and a much broader and deeper, yet distinctly conscious social awareness.

I will, likewise, coach, stimulate and facilitate the interest of a mainstream, non-culturally or non-ethnically diverse American person (and this goes beyond race, color and historical and cultural ancestral heritages) for exploring and incorporating into their life experience the histories of other peoples and their cultural contributions to American and world culture and how this newly acquired knowledge can contribute to and enrich their own personal and work experiences beyond the boundaries of self-learned, self-generated or socially shared limiting beliefs. This could be particularly effective for executives, members of the diplomatic service, artists and other professionals planning to or already living abroad, or those living here whose jobs' requirements include interacting, partaking, 'sensing' and negotiating with companies, institutions and people from different parts of the world. 

Lastly, I will hold a non-judgemental, nurturing, safe space for those individuals (regardless of gender, sexual orientation, familial history, heritage and/or culture) who feel they are just 'different' from the mainstream and from what is 'expected' of them and wish to dare blossom into their true, authentic selves, by coming out of their shells and from their respective self-imposed and/or socially-prescribed closets. 


I brainstorm in a dynamic, 'all-bets-off' partnership with writers, artists and creative individuals or groups to find that elusive, barely discernible or totally resistant idea, concept, visualization or intuition that will unblock the pathways of your own creativity and talents to allow your uniquely and distinctly qualified creative process to start 'humming and churning' again. 

It's about me holding a safe, open, non-biased, receptive and playful creative space for you to find your true voice and inner joy as you produce and/or discard ideas and find ways to incorporate and/or develop them into your particular brand of art, craft and artistic expression. It's about you getting through —not just bypassing— that block that sometimes holds back your creativity and drains your energies, and about understanding what causes you to feel blocked and uninspired and what internal and/or external factors predispose or trigger this most frustrating of artistic challenges. 

I will not share, divulge or 'borrow' any of your ideas in public or in private. I will be open-minded and open-hearted. I will want to be wowed and challenged by your creative brand of genius and I hope you'll want to be challenged by the questions, exchanges and exercises with which I will engage, probe and confront your thoughts and the marvelous intuitions or limiting beliefs that give them (or not) creative license and functional validity. 


I assist people (the diagnosed person and/or the family members) experiencing catalytic health occurrences (chronic and degenerative ailments, Alzheimer's, cancer, stroke, HIV and AIDS, coma, transient or permanent sensorial and/or physical or mental impairment (family members only, in this case), anxiety and panic, terminal diagnoses and end-of-life choices) navigate the complex and oftentimes uncaring and intimidating healthcare system, as well as society's established institutions, conventions, prejudices and pressures.

I also coach people (and their loved ones) anticipating, undergoing or on the verge of experiencing other non-medical, redefining, radical, life-transforming events such as new relationship, engagement, marriage, trial separation, relationship estrangement, divorce and child custody, shift of family dynamics, step-family integration/conflict, change of civil/social status, pregnancy, adoption, imprisonment, social/family re-insertion, relocation, neo-environment adjustment, career change/redesign, unique niche/career genesis, loss of employment, new identity emergence/identify shift and Essential Self assertion.

I help both groups realize that life is to be cherished, celebrated and lived to the fullest, every minute to the very last minute in the 'here and now', regardless of circumstances and adversity, and even in the presence and/or the aftermath of tragedy, emotional upheaval and personal loss itself.

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